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April Sewing Workshop Registration


Learn to sew Workshop

To register for the May Workshop, please fill out this form. An invoice for $20 will be sent, once you've paid, your space is reserved. 

May 23rd, 5:30-8:30pm

Space is limited, once your space is reserved, the fee is non-refundable. 


This 3 hour workshop will explore the basics of creating through the sewing process.  Working with a project of your choosing, you will have the opportunity to be guided through the steps necessary for any sewing project and will leave with a finished product! 

Fee - $20 (plus additional cost for supplies). 

Pre-registration is required.  Upon registration, you will be able to choose a project and be guided toward obtaining the necessary supplies.

For this workshop, the projects will be simple using easy fabrics so that we can focus on the process and complete a project. Project ideas include (but not limited to) pillow case, decorative pillow cover, hot pad, coaster, elastic waist skirt, headband and tote bag.  If you want to create something that is not listed, lets talk about it!

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